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Let's Connect!

  • Connect with regulars using the Directory in Church Center by

    • Click the house icon on at the bottom of the page on a mobile.

    • Or clicking HERE.

  • Connect with STAFF and KEY CONTACTS via email.

  • Install CHURCH CENTER for Giving and Children's program check-ins

  • Submit a CONNECT FORM in order to:

    • Make a prayer team request 

    • Ask for information of any kind

    • Ask to become a "regular" in order to receive bulletins, church family updates, church meeting information and/or add you to the Church Center Directory.

  • Connect by Engaging ​

    • Come to Jubilee, stay after church and have coffee with us

    • Read the bulletin to see what's going on

    • Join us for Jubilee Night - a communal meal on Wednesdays @ 6pm!

Key Contacts 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Connect Request 

The link below will take you to a form on Church Center that you can send to our staff team. 

If you're already on Church Center your personal information will already be completed. Just choose a topic and some detail, and hit SUBMIT

Leaf Pattern Design

Tangible Help Now

Mental Health Support - If you are a regular at Jubilee, short-term counselling is available HERE for free

Financial, food, shelter and other physical supports are arranged through the Deacons at 289-438-9471 or email

Family situation change support is arranged through your life group leader or pastoral elder. When in doubt, email

Conflict Resolution - our Restorative Practices Team can help! Email


These supports can be for urgent things but not for emergencies.

Please call 911 if you are in immediate need of medical assistance.

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