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Gifts of Time and Money

  • The programs run with people like you, if you want to help, a contact email is in each description.
  • Sunday Mornings, Wednesday Jubilee Night's, and the simple running of the Church also need help. Opportunities are listed below. Volunteering helps you meet more people and build deeper relationships.
  • Everything takes time and money and the ways to help financially are below. 

This Church runs on People!

Making Our Services Work

Making Our  Worship Work

Making Jubilee Night Work

Making Our Organization Work

Helping our People Thrive

Giving is investing.

Giving Options:



Every Sunday we choose a cause to highlight and you can give to that or the general budget of the church through CHURCH CENTER. You can do it with minimal information as a guest or signup to CHURCH CENTER to store your credit or VISA Debit card infomration. 





Regular giving is easier for people and organizations.  CHURCH CENTER can take regular credit and debit amounts that you pick and that you can change at any time.

Under the covers payment fees of 5% on Credit and 2+% on debit get taken off. Our cheapest and most popular regular giving come through fixed direct debit setup through our treasurer using the PDF form, You can cancel before the next scheduled date if your situation changes. 



Baskets at the Back of the church.

Some of us have built lifelong habits that don't involve technology or swiping cards. We provide two baskets on a table in the back for the cause of the week and the Church. If you write something on the envelope we can likely accommodate your wishes.  Anonymous cash still works!    

For our kids we also provide a way to drop off  money or a material donation for summer camp or designated yearly cause.  Learning that giving makes your life better rather worse is a great thing to learn early. 

Passing a collection plate along at Church was fun while it made sense. But not anymore as we aim to stay pandemic ready and careful for those with weakened immunity. 

Intentional Planning 

FAITH PROMISE GIVING Forms are done once a year. It gives the Church some idean what giving to expect. They are confidential, changeable and optional. If you do personal budgetting its really just communicating what you were already thinking.


It can sometimes take some time and a couple of tries to match up the right need and the right volunteer. Ask for help! 

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