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ReFrame Ministries

We believe everyone, everywhere should have access to the gospel in their own language.

ReFrame Ministries

Relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we create contextual media resources that proclaim the gospel, disciple believers, and strengthen the church throughout the world in 10 major languages. This work takes place through four core strategies:

Church Rooted: We believe the Holy Spirit works through the church, so we partner with churches to build and strengthen the body of Christ.
Major Languages: We strive to reach the widest possible audience, so we create content in the world's most-spoken languages.
Context Driven: We work with local partners who faithfully contextualize the gospel message and use the most effective media for connecting with diverse audiences.
Relationship Focused: Following the example of Christ, we seek to build long-term, discipling relationships with individual members of our mass audiences.

Learn more about their International Work and resources to help Local Churches use media more effectively at

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