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Kidz Crew

For Kids age 3-10, Group Story Time and then breakout into smaller groups. Starts at Kids Program time in service.

KidzCrew Junior: We use the First Look curriculum for children from just past babies through to JK

The First Look curriculum is constructed to meet your preschoolers where they are at cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. Through age appropriate activities, we want our preschoolers to learn three simple, but powerful, truths.

  • God Made Me

  • God Loves Me

  • Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

KidzCrew Senior: For children SK through Grade 5

KicsCrew starts with combined Story Time then moves to action workshops in Drama, Music, Art, Science and Baking. Rotating Kidz group students know the kids and rotating leaders lead the workshops. It's fun for the Kids and Leaders and its all built around the stories of the Bible and the basics of our faith.

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