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Third Space Cafe

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Third Space Cafe

THIRD SPACE CAFÉ is a cafe for the community, serving ethically-sourced and locally-produced coffee and tea-based beverages, food, and handmade goods & artwork to fund our community outreach programming. We prioritize social change and compassion above profits and strive to provide a community space that is welcoming for all.

A THIRD SPACE is a place outside of family or work to gather, find community and deeper connections. Such a space invites people to connect, engage, discover, create and learn within an atmosphere of belonging and safety.

Third Space Cafe is such a place, with a focus to address food insecurity and housing issues in our area. We are happy to serve food and a coffee or tea to anyone who needs it, no questions asked, during our morning breakfast program. We use our hiring opportunities to benefit those experiencing barriers to employment. We are happy to be part of the solution for folks who are struggling while offering great service, amazing direct sourced, locally roasted coffee, beverages and great food affordably available to everyone.

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