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Who Does What at Jubilee!

A quick and handy list of staff, leadership and committees and at least one contact to help you find out more or get involved!

Who Does What at Jubilee!

Pastor: (Transitional Part-Time) Pastor- Syd Hielema
Office Administrator: Samantha Bowman-DeBoer
Worship Coordinator: Julie Hoff
Children’s Coordinator: (Interim) Nan Baker
Technology Coordinator: Steven Folkerts
Facilities Manager: Tiffany Hildebrand

Committee’s and Teams
Youth Programs: Gabrielle Veldboom
Jubilee Night: Dora Stroobosscher, Steve Collins
Clerk: Steve Collins
Treasurer: Terry Veldboom
Bookkeeper: Yvonne Rauwerda
Life Groups: Keith & Bonnie Vrieswyk
Outreach Ministry: Karin Terpstra
Congregational Life Ministry: Floyd Elzinga, Elly Hoff, Gail Poulsen
Financial Administration Board: Terry Veldboom
Property Administration Board: Josh Van Muyen
Brock Campus Ministry Team: Karen Gerritsma
Disability Concerns Team: Sara Pot
Newcomers to Canada Team: Rose Dekker
Personnel Committee: Melinda Regnerus
Prayer Team: Keith & Bonnie Vrieswyk
Restorative Practices Team: Karen Gerritsma
Safe Church Team: (Interim)Nan Baker
Tuition Support Initiative: Bob Vanderheide
Vision Committee: Marlene Bergsma

Pastors who call Jubilee Home
Zachary DeBruyne (current Brock Campus Minister)
Jim Dekker
Andre Basson

Missionaries Directly Supported:
Tim & Angie Sliedrecht (CRC World Missions, Uganda),
Cora Hunse (Great Commission Foundation/Solid Rock International, Dominican Republic),
Alan Lensink (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, University of British Columbia),
Rev. Willemina Zwart (South Coast Beach Project).

Chair: Ted Harris
Vice-Chair: Josh Van Muyen
Clerk: Steve Collins
Personnel Rep: Henry Knoop
Deacon Rep: Helen Verkuyl
Council includes all Members of the Pastorate
-Chair (Interim)Keith Vrieswyk
-General Care Elders: Diana Wielhouwer, Ruth Beekhuis, Nan Baker
-Seniors Elders: Karen Gerritsma, Dora Stroobosscher
-Outreach Elder: Karin Terpstra
-Life Group Elders: Keith & Bonnie Vrieswyk
-Youth and Young Adult Elders: Gabrielle Veldboom, Phil Dreise

Chair: Helen Verkuyl
Ed Breimer- NTC, General Care, Life Groups
Carrie de Roo- Outreach, World Renew, General Care
Jennifer Lammers
Kevin Meester- Correspondence, Secretary
Brad Bergsma
Clinton Klamer
Terry Veldboom- Deacon at Large

Church Bulletin: Deadline for announcements is Thursday at Noon to admin@

Jubilee Night: Every Wednesday night at 6pm from September to April, the Jubilee community is invited to come and share a meal together for a low price, and afterwards are invited to participate in a number of adult education/ kid programs.

Everyone above will be in the Church Directory and the following emails are used for contacting the major functions at Jubilee.

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